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5th of july, 2008


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Ch√Ęteau Gottrau
Our wedding will take place close to Fribourg in Montagny la Ville at the beautiful Chateau Gottrau. We stumbled upon this unique country house with its charming garden and wonderful hosts by accident when looking for a place to stay during the Expo 2002. Back then the tiny little chapel on the grounds was in such a desolate state that we couldn't even enter it. But we knew immediatly that should this little treasure ever be renovated that we would want to get married just here in this idyllic little corner of the world. When we got engaged in 2007 and enquired about the chapel we were told that it had just been reopened a week ago and that they would love to see us get married in the little chapel. 

Arrival on Saturday

ICS car park, Zumikon
Chateau Gottrau
Getting there by Coach
In order to stop ice caps from melting we have organized a coach to get us there. We will meet at the ICS car park in Zumikon at 11am (cars can be parked there for the weekend). Lunch will be provided.

Getting there by car
If you don't give a *beep* about the ice caps and insist on taking your own car please be in Montagny latest by 2:30pm. If you pass our coach on the highway please don't forget to honk, wave or shout. 

Ceremony and Party

After settling in and getting changed we will meet in front of the little chapel at 15:45pm. We will try to set a world record by getting 60+ people in a chapel with made to fit 20. After the wedding ceremony we will spend the afternoon in the garden with drinks and snacks and enjoy the evening with a lebanese buffet. Later in the evening we will also rock the dance floor.  


On sunday we will meet between 9am and 11am to have breakfast. The coach will leave around noon and we should arrive back in Zurich at around 3pm.